Wedding Budgeting Tips Including Arkansas Wedding Venue Costs

best Arkansas wedding venue
best Arkansas wedding venue

Tip #1 – Arkansas Wedding Venue Size Impacts Costs

Are you working on your wedding budget? We can help. As you have probably guessed, starting with choosing your Arkansas wedding venue is the first step. As discussed in a previous blog, prior to choosing your venue you need to know approximately how many guests you will have, as this determines the size of the venue. And naturally, size of the venue is a major factor in price of the venue.

At Willow Wind Arkansas, we offer multiple Arkansas wedding venue size options. We have a lovely outdoor area for weddings and receptions that can accommodate weddings of up to 200 guests. The outdoor area is bordered by a very large pond and the property is brimming with graceful weeping willow trees, as well as large expanses of manicured lawns.

Additionally, our indoor Arkansas wedding venue options include a large reception room and smaller rooms as well as private rooms for bride and groom preparations. There is a great deal of flexibility in how you set up your perfect day.

Tip #2 – A la Carte or All Inclusive Arkansas Wedding Venues – Which is Better?

The answer is…. It depends. You can sometimes get a great deal with bundling everything you need with a wedding venue, and it saves you time and hassle. But, there are some Arkansas wedding venues that upcharge because they know you need the convenience of the bundled services. Separately booking a caterer, floral designer, photographer, videographer, wedding coordinator, cake designer, bar tender, and a DJ with a sound system can be very time consuming, but depending on your budget and time frames, might be worth the work.

At Willow Wind Arkansas, once again, we offer flexibility to our clients. We are happy to provide services like catering, on site wedding planning, a sound system, etc. We have wonderful resources to do so. If, however, you prefer to book your wedding services a la carte, we can provide a vendor list to you so that you can determine what options best fit your needs

The Willow Wind Arkansas Wedding Venue is as Unique as You Are

Willow Wind Arkansas is family owned and operated. We don’t do cookie cutter events. Our commitment is to make your wedding day dreams come true, and we provide the personalized attention to make it happen. Our goal is not to churn out weddings, it is to truly serve and bless the families that come to our Arkansas wedding venue. We want you to look back with glowing memories, not a stress strewn year of scrambling, wishing you had eloped! We will take care of your family with the same attention we would give to an event for our family. That is our commitment to you.
You are welcome to download our complimentary wedding planner checklist as a good starting point. Go HERE to download. Then, let’s get a cup of coffee or glass of iced tea and talk about your dreams for your special day. We’ll figure out how, together, we can make those dreams come true!

E-mail, call or text Andrea at 501-279-7959 or Let’s get together soon! And be sure to connect with us on Facebook for news and special offers.

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